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16 Jan


A group of Mayo Clinic researchers argued in a new review that sports concussions -- at least in ice hockey -- can be diagnosed more accurately with objective tests, such as encephalography and the King-Devick eye test, than with the neurocognitive exams favored by many leagues at all levels of play. The researchers, including USA Hockey medical director Michael Stuart, MD, examined current and emerging methods of diagnosing concussions in ice hockey in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.   If they are correct, they may have an answer to the underreporting problem long plaguing sports concussion diagnosis and treatment. "Most currently used diagnostic tests are imprecise, require athlete cooperation, and are vulnerable to player and evaluator bias," wrote the authors, led by Aynsely Smith, RN, PhD. "As objective diagnostic tools become available, the diagnosis will be less vulnerable to subjective overlay of overly aggressive athletes and assertive coaches" who often try to hide the athletes' concussion-like symptoms.  Read >

31 Dec


Life doesn't begin till you come home. Many men and women struggle with the aftermath of a traumatic event.   Read >

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